Think Well

Mental health illness is amongst the leading causes of ill health worldwide. The most common conditions include depression, anxiety and low self esteem, brought about by our increasing hectic lifestyles. We believe the mind and the body are deeply connected, each with the ability to heal and transform the other. Our series of 'Think well' meditations are designed to bring peace and harmony to the mind and in doing so bringing balance to your physical and emotional body.

Tea with Intention ™


Mindfulness is a practice that involves slowing down and paying more attention to the present moment – to our own thoughts, feelings and to the world around us. A few minutes practice each day has shown to lower heart rate, decrease stress hormones, increase 'feel good' endorphins and improve concentration, memory, and focus.


We can all take steps to develop mindfulness in our own lives, regardless of age or physical ability. We can cultivate mindfulness in many ways, through practicing breathing, movement or body awareness techniques, repeating positive mantras or through our own personal favourite, Tea Meditation.


We've developed a series of guided meditations, breathing practices, relaxation and sound healing meditations to help calm your body and mind, improve physical and  emotional wellbeing and relieve stress and anxiety.

You can access the series for free, on all devices, at home, work or on the go. These simple 5-15 minutes practices are easy to follow and are specifically designed to enhance your tea break experience, restoring balance, connection and calm so that you are better equiped to deal with the stresses of daily life.