Organic Star Creativitea (Soothe & Inspire)

Organic Star Creativitea (Soothe & Inspire)


15 Biodegradable Tea Pyramids | Net Wt. 37.5g


What can Star Creativitea do for you?


What is it?

A herbal caffeine-free blend inspired by the yoga posture Star (Utthita Tadasana). Star Creativitea is a soothing “breathe-easy” blend crafted to support throat health, circulation and cognition.


What does Star Creativitea focus on?

A stimulating blend that supports creative expression and promotes feelings of freedom and openness. De-stressing properties of eucalyptus blended with throat soothing properties of liquorice and stimulating peppermint to give a sense of rejuvenation and freshness.


How does it taste?

First an airy freshness and then sweetness emerging from the depth of the blend are the two main taste notes of Star Creativitea. All ingredients, individually strong, blend perfectly into a clean and light blend, with neither being overwhelming, but all contributing to the soothing herbal flavour. You will feel the sweetness of liquorice only in your throat and tingly freshness on the tip of your tongue. The longer you brew it, the more sweetness it will have.


When to drink it?

When you need a soothing tea meditation to focus on breathing and enjoying all the beauty around you. This is a tea that will take you on a stroll, through a green forest during a late autumn morning. Imagine clear skies, a cool breeze and a warm soothing sun emerging from horizon.


What’s left after drinking? A fresh feeling in the mouth, sweet sensation in the throat, refreshed body and awakened mind.


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