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Mountain Stabilitea


A warm and settling tea tonic that connects us to the earth element,

to strengthen the immune and digestive systems, improving circulation, increasing energy and promoting feelings of groundedness.


What can Mountain Stabilitea do for you?


What is it? 

A caffeine-free herbal blend of 9 organic ingredients inspired by a Mountain (Tadasana) yoga posture, a basic grounding pose that connects us to the earth and helps align imbalances. 


What does Mountain Stabilitea focus on?

Increasing energy, improving circulation, promoting feelings of groundedness and strengthening the immune and digestive system. Mountain Stabilitea is a kind of tea you would want to drink before climbing the highest mountain.


How does it taste? 

A blend crafted as a proof that everything big and stable comes from small pieces that coexist in balance. Deep and earthly rooibos is a bottom note of this hearty blend, giving a base for light cocoa shells, zingy hibiscus, sweet cinnamon and a touch of orange peel. This tea has naturally lightly sweetness, with a deep red earthy colour and flavour and full aroma, but light as a fresh mountain air. This warming and grounding tea is a great choice for tea drinkers that enjoy sweet and unique earthly flavours, hints of dark chocolate and a tiny bit of zing to uplift the mood. 


When to drink it?

When you feel life is slipping out of your hands and you need something to hold on to, switch off with a tea meditation and a cup of tea in your hands. 

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