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Mindful Tea

We consciously craft clean, delicious and meaningful teas for a healthier and kinder world, within you and around you.

Each of our organic blends encapsulates the holistic health principles of Ayurveda through carefully selected adaptogenic herbs, we also offer a practical guide on how to incorporate tea meditations into your daily routine to maintain your physical, mental and emotional health, whilst our practices protect nature and the environment. 



Inspired by yoga pose Mountain - a grounding stance that connects us to the earth element. This fortifying blend strengthens the immune, circulation and digestive systems - the foundations of good health and natural defence. 


  • Fortify with antioxidant Rooibos and Cocoa

  • Cleanse with adaptogenic Hawthorn Leaf

  • Gut Health with anti-inflammatory superfood Baobab and Apple

  • Immune Support with vitamin rich Rosehip and Hibiscus.

  • Feel grounded with comforting Cinnamon.


Inspired by the yoga pose Crescent Moon - a dynamic posture that connects us the water element. This harmonious blend of adaptogens, antioxidants and cooling herbals supports the body's natural rhythms and cycles to flow with ease and comfort.


  • Hormone Balance with Raspberry Leaf & Echinacea

  • PMS Relief with Fenugreek and Lemon Verbena

  • Breathe Easy with cooling Liquorice Root

  • Digestive Flow with soothing Spearmint

  • Feel Balanced with adaptogenic Gingko Biloba



Inspired by yoga pose Warrior - a bold posture that connects us to the fire element. This zesty, wake-up blend supports stomach health and boost metabolism, fueling creativity, focus and confidence.


  • Metabolism boost with Lemon and Green Tea

  • Brain Function with adaptogenic Ashwagandha

  • Stomach Health with antioxidant Fennel Seeds

  • Endurance with Turmeric root and Calendula

  • Feel Energised with stimulating Lemongrass


Inspired by yoga pose Wild Thing - a playful posture that connects us to the air element. This feel-good blend supports the heart and lungs and delights the sense with its blissful aroma and flavour.


  • Heart Health with antioxidant Black Tea

  • Elevate Mood with indulgent Cocoa Shells

  • Invigorate with adaptogenic Yerba Mate

  • Natural Glow with vitamin rich Orange Peel

  • Feel Uplifted with fragrant Coconut



Inspired by yoga pose Lotus - a meditative posture that connects us to the ether element. This restful blend relaxes the nervous system, relieves tension and promotes a state of clearmindedness.


  • Slow down & Sleep Easy with soothing Chamomile

  • Calm Nerves & Clear Mind with meditative Lavender

  • Reduce Stress & Relieve Anxiety with antioxidant Lemon Balm

  • Feel Relaxed with restful, adaptogenic Valerian Root

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