Tea With Intention™  is founded on a whole-hearted, holistic approach to health, inspired by Ayurveda 'the science of living well’ and the practice of Yoga, meaning; 'coming together'. We create teas with intention - clean and healthy ingredients as nature intended; ethically sourced, flavourful and functional blends to soothe the inner collective - mind, body and emotion, and a practice of self care to help deepen an awareness of ourselves and connection to the world around us.

Tea with Intention ™

Drink well.

Think well.

We believe, drinking infusions of special herbs and practicing a few minutes of mindfulness each day can significantly improve physical, mental and emotional health. 


With this in mind, our 'Drink well, Think well' ritual was born. Combining the benefits of herbal tea and meditation to create a sanctuary-like tea experience to help us find nourishment and calm in any moment. 


We aim to revive ancient natural health and wellbeing traditions, making them accessible to all and as easy to incorporate into your busy life as your daily cup of tea.


Founder, Emma FitzGerald, has a background in biomedical, health and natural sciences, is a yoga and meditation practitioner with a passion for herbal nutrition, naturopathy and tea ritual.


'I have spent many years researching the positive effects of tea and herbal blends on the body and mind and believe that combining the benefits of herbal tea, with the principles of yoga and meditation, to create a mindful daily ritual, can improve our health, happiness and longevity. An empowering practice of self-care, that is natural, inexpensive and accessible to all. 


I hope to inspire an awareness of the benefits of herbals in maintaining good health. I also offer some simple mindful techniques that may assist you in becoming more present in the moment and mentally at ease. I believe making them part of our daily life can help us become better equipped to cope with our increasingly demanding lives. It is my deepest intention to help heal the collective, one individual and cup of tea at a time'.

Tea with Intention ™