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Tea With Intention

Ayurvedic Balance

Award winning bioactive tea tonics and tea meditation inspired by the 5 natural elements of Ayurveda, consciously crafted and blended for balance.

Be in your element

Experience optimal health and happiness in the moment.







Elevate your mental state

Embody the power of nature for mental wellbeing.

Drink Well

Discover our bioactive Natural Element Infusions - flavourful and functional teas inspired by Ayurveda, and consciously crafted to be body, mind and earth kind. Our delicious herbal blends promote balance and holistic health with premium whole leaves, rejuvenating spices, cleansing florals, and stress-fighting adaptogens. Vegan, non-GMO, and packaged in sustainable, plastic-free materials for a positive impact on people and planet.

Think Well

Find additional clarity and calm as you sip your tea with  meditation —a mindful tea ritual. Our mission is to elevate the simple tea break into a healing meditation practice, promoting self-awareness and connection to the world around you. Learn to infuse mindfulness into your life through tea meditation, complemented by free sound healing audios designed to help you escape the chaos of daily life, inviting stillness and peace into every moment. 

Your Element Hub

Join Tea With Intention for full access to Your Element Hub! Enjoy free meditation, yoga and sound healing as well as our tea break blog, latest news and exclusive tea offers!

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