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Award winning Organic Superblends & Sound Meditations
to balance the 5 Natural Elements of Ayurveda within you.

A healing tea ritual for body & mind.

Drink well. Think well.

We consciously craft, clean, delicious and meaningful teas for

a healthier and kinder world within you, and around you.

Mindfully made in the UK.


Drink well

Flavourful & Functional Organic Superblends - consciously crafted tea for people & planet.

Our award winning herbal teas are packed with wonderfully pure and potent natural health boosters - premium whole leaf teas, restorative spices, cleansing florals, revitalising fruits and stress fighting Ayurvedic and Adaptogenic super herbals to fortify, soothe, energise, uplift and relax. Our range is 100% certified organic, vegan, non GMO with biodegradable, plastic free packaging; designed to make a positive impact on people whilst being gentle on the planet.

Think well

Find additional calm, clarity & connection as you sip your tea with Sound Meditations.

Our mission is to transform the simple tea break into a healing meditation practice that helps to deepen an awareness of ourselves and connection to the world around us. We'll show you how to bring mindfulness and a sense of calm into your life though tea meditation. To further enhance your tea break experience, we also offer a free series of sound healing audios, specifically designed to help you escape the noise and stress of everyday life and find a place of stillness and peace in any moment.



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